About us

[PHCN] was established in December 1999. We are a group that enjoys programming and most other things one can do with computers. We also love discussions, learning, (digital)art, meeting interesting people and so on...

Until 2004 PHCN stood for "Programmer´s Hacking and Cracking Network". The idea behind the name was a community of programmers and hackers that contains both whitehats and blackhats. The name was dropped in October 2004, because the time of those names had passed. A lot of scriptkiddie crews use names like "31337 hacker" and PHCN does not want to be misunderstood. So since the end of the year 2004 we're called "PHCN" without any meaning. Some people say PHCN stands for "Professional Hosting and Coding Network" or "Privat Host and Community Network" and they might be right.

We are no criminals, we identify ourself with the old ways of 'computer-culture'. That means computers are a part of our daily life and we love to understand, program and have fun with them, but we would never do any harm to anyone.
In former times people like us were called hackers, but since the meaning of the word has changed, 'geeks' is probably the better word.

Everyone can join us if they understand our living, respect our codex and share our view of the world.

If you are interested in joining us, check here: [PHCN] Free Membership

Thanks for reading and your interest!